In today’s digital world, businesses can’t afford to be held back by latency, bandwidth, security, and accessibility issues. So leave those performance problems behind and take your data center into your own hands with edge computing.

Cutting-edge deployments
With Zones and APC, it’s fast, easy, and cost-effective to design, procure, and deploy the physical layer of IT systems to data centers or the edge, anywhere in the world. And it gets even better with Micro Data Center Xpress, an easily deployed computing unit that simplifies infrastructure deployments in the edge by combining your data storage, processing, and networking.

Power your edge
Smart-UPS from APC gives your business the power to reduce downtime and keep running, even in demanding spaces like the edge. What’s more, Smart-UPS now includes SmartConnect, an advanced tool that allows you to monitor your UPS online anytime through a secure web portal. So, whether you're on site or on the go, you'll always be the first to know of any problems with your IT – and the first to get advice for fixing the issue.

Supporting Materials – Download yours today.
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IT’s better on the edge.